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Second ATT Academy East Africa Workshop


Participants in the ATT Academy, Lake Nakuru National Park. Photo: Control Arms.

The second ATT Academy training took place from 05-08 December 2016 at Lake Nakuru Lodge, Kenya and focused on ensuring deeper understanding of the Treaty’s provisions and their practical application. Over four days, participants explored themes relevant to the sub-region including Wildlife Crime, Pastoralist Conflict, Tackling Gender Based Violence and Importer Obligations. Excellent expert speakers, group discussions, homework assignments and hypothetical exercises ensured positive engagement among participants. Field visits with the Kenyan Wildlife Services (KWS) rangers provided participants with deeper understanding of the challenges they face in preventing poaching and preserving wildlife due to the proliferation of illicit weapons in the region.

The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Academy brings a new approach to learning about the ATT and its implementation. It provides an in-depth and tailored learning opportunity to carefully selected participants, all of whom engage directly with the ATT in their work as government, or as part of civil society. It also provides an opportunity to explore linkages to other relevant arms, security development instruments, and enables discussion and analysis of regionally-specific issues, such as the link between wildlife crime and small arms proliferation.

While many training opportunities have emerged over the last year or two, the ATT Academy is unique in being a continuous six-month learning opportunity. This enables participants to have a thorough and technical understanding of the Treaty, and to have on-the-job support. The second in-person training is designed to specifically explore and tackle problems which participants identify, as they apply the knowledge gained to their day to day work. In this way, the ATT Academy is much more than a one-off training – it is a sustained and practical learning programme.

The ATT Academy is organized by the Control Arms Secretariat and Pace University’s International Disarmament Institute. For over a decade, Control Arms and its members have been providing support and information to States of all regions in the development and eventual adoption of the ATT, and now in its universalization and implementation. As a university, Pace offers its experience with curriculum and course design as well as a track record of published research and learning on the ATT and other arms issues. The 2016 session of the ATT Academy is supported by the UN Trust Facility Supporting Cooperation on Arms Regulation (UNSCAR).

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