International Disarmament Institute News

Education and Research on Global Disarmament Policy


A key function of Pace University’s International Disarmament Institute is the production of policy-relevant research in three streams:

  • The human and environmental impact of weapons
  • Policy pathways of disarmament, arms control and nonproliferation
  • Monitoring and evaluation of disarmament policy and programs

Listed below are both reports published by the Institute itself and relevant publications by Pace University faculty and students. For further information about the Institute’s research, click here.

Reports Published or Written by the Institute

On Nuclear Weapons

On the Arms Trade Treaty

On Killer Robots, Armed Drones and Digitization of War

On Disarmament Education

On Grassroots Disarmament and Peacebuilding

Relevant Publications by Pace University Scholars

Academic and policy publications by Pace University scholars on issues related to landmines, cluster munitions, the arms trade, nuclear weapons, ‘killer robots’ and drones can be found listed on the International Disarmament Institute’s website.

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