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Contemporary New York Times Articles

(1948, January 21). Atomic Pile Fission is Shown in Exhibit. New York Times.

(1948, July 19) Many To Take Part in Atomic Exhibition. New York Times.

(1952, May 13). Defense Exhibits Previewed Here. New York Times.

(1954, June 14). Civil Defense Test is at 10 A.M. Today. New York Times.

(1955, June 16). 31 Flouting Test Seized by Police. New York Times.

(1958, April 4). ‘Walk for Peace’ Marchers Arrive to Appeal to U.N. New York Times.

(1962, April 22). Peace Marchers Rally in Midtown. New York Times.

(1960, May 20). 5,000 March Here After Atom Rally. New York Times.

(1961, November 2). 300 Women Protest Here Against Nuclear Testing. New York Times.

(1978, May 28). Disarmament Rally Draws 10,000 at UN. New York Times.

(1980, October 24). Leaking Pipe Repaired At Indian Point 2 Reactor. New York Times.

Baldwin, Hanson W. (1955, January 7). First 2 Nike Nests Almost Ready In Supersonic City Defense Ring. New York Times.

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McGeeham, Patrick. (2017, January 9). Cuomo Confirms Deal to Close Indian Point Nuclear Plant. New York Times

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Primary Sources

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By Catherine Falzone, 2012. Adapted from Nuclear New York archive with permission.

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